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$MMT (Music Metaverse Token) is a new and cutting-edge utility token focused on the music industry, and even more specifically around the live streaming industry. As the native token for the leading live streaming application, Streamlive, MMT provides an avenue for compensation for users participating in the world’s first decentralized concert promotion platform.

Music Metaverse Token Logo

$MMT is groundbreaking in that it enables anyone to become a concert promoter without ever needing to step outside their home. $MMT provides a pathway for the compensation of digital concert promoters in proportion to the fan base that those promoters bring to their digital concert halls to watch live streaming concerts and socialize simultaneously.

Creating The $MMT Website

I was approached by the $MMT team to work heavily across their new project. They were looking for help with their Web Design, integrating a ticketing platform that could accept their crypto-currency, which is based on the ETH chain.

After designing the site offline using Adobe XD, it was going to be easiest to create the full platform using Wordpress, so that the $MMT team could adjust any text whenever they would like/add products to their ticketing platform as easily as they could. It only took 7 days to finalise the full site, from design all the way to going live, which also included the ticketing aspect. Music fans could easily head to the $MMT website, and buy the tickets that they were looking for by connecting their MetaMask wallet into the payment system.

The $MMT Homepage

Building The $MMT Community

Once we had the site ready, and their tech team had prepared the $MMT crypto-currency to go live, I helped to develop the overarching marketing strategy that would, in time, build an engaged digital community that would translate to sales of the token & generating owners.

When developing a marketing strategy, the first thing I focus on is the target market. We decided from the word go that the target market must be linked to both music fans & web3 natives, so we strategised for 2 different campaigns.

Music Fans

I very quickly identified the target avenues for marketing $MMT directly to music fans, and decided that all marketing should be strictly geo-located to the area that the tickets relate to. For example, if $MMT were looking to sell tickets to Drake in Miami, it would make little sense to target fans in Los Angeles as there would be a small amount of people that would pay for travel! 

I worked closely with the team to develop their creative alignment, and then implement paid advertising across all avenues to get launched!

Crypto Natives

Alongside the campaign focused on music fans, we wanted to open the door to crypto-natives that have already adopted the Web3 world. This meant that we would focus on a specific type of person, covering interests in crypto, finance, NFTs & more. The crypto audience is very different than a traditional campaign, so we spent a lot of time working out ways that we can really get stuck into the Web3 ecosystem.

The Outcome

After nailing the pre-launch plan, we managed to build a community that not only converted to sales, but also engaged with the brand before it had even launched. We kickstarted by offering fans the chance to win Taylor Swift tickets through a platform called Gleam, which allowed us to request certain actions to be performed to validate the entry to the competition. These actions meant that we could actually organically grow a digital presence, and we managed to get over 30,000 entries to the competition by the time it closed.

The Taylor Swift Gleam Competition

Prior to launching, we had already achieved great results across our designated social channels. We spent a lot of time on Twitter & Discord, building our community as we knew that a lot of "Web3 De-Gens" spend their time here, and they would be the easiest to convert into sales.
As with any crypto launching, the first target is always going to be increasing the value. In the space of 24 hours, the community that we built increased the initial value of the token from $0.0002051 to $0.0009165, rising by over 4x the amount on drop.
We achieved a homepage feature on CoinTelegraph the day after we launched, bringing us to the forefront of the Web3 community.
I used AI to assist in creating multiple digital assets for paid advertising & social content creation, highlighting the joy & human emotion of those attending music concerts with their favourite artists.
We could not be happier with the way that Lewis conducted our digital strategy. He really helped us to develop a plan that coincided with everything else we were doing, and not only did he conjure up this plan, he brought it to life across multiple avenues. To increase our token's valuation 4x over in the first 24 hours was more than what we could have ever dreamed of.

What I Did For $MMT:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Implementation
  • Community Management
  • SEM
  • PPC
  • Paid Social Media
  • Project Management


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