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Dancing Seahorse is a private members club that grants exclusive access to incredible, once in a lifetime global experiences. Join the club as a Legend or Premium member to maximise opportunities in what Dancing Seahorse has to offer.

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Creating The Dancing Seahorse Website

When the DS team approached me to join the project, they already had their brand & product in place. It was a brand that oozed class, so I wanted to make sure that whatever we did together, it reflected the same touch. When I started to map out the first build in Figma, it became clear to me that the site should be very smooth, modern & minimalistic. After researching into other NFT projects, there were certain elements that we wanted to keep but the site was always expected to show class & represent the fantastic artwork that they had created.

The features of the site were to always be fairly simple, as the DS team wanted it to be a marketing piece. They had already built their mint function into a bespoke Marketplace, so this site was always intended to be a standalone asset that would essentially outline what Dancing Seahorse is.

It didn't take long to get the site finalised and into the build stage. When bringing an offline design to life, I always look at how I can make the site have the strongest UX possible. With a website like the DS project, because it was a fairly simple build from a functionality standpoint, so my main focus was creating some animation within the site itself. This took place in the shape of scrolling text, transitions between sections & simple animations across certain assets.

The Dancing Seahorse Website

Building A Digital, "Underwater" Community

After we had built the website, we transitioned into spending a huge amount of time on the prelaunch campaign. Everybody knew that the product itself had some great potential, so we wanted to build a community before launching that we knew would convert into sales.

I worked with the team to create a strategy that would infiltrate the Web3 community around the USA, and beyond, focusing on key areas that were strong in crypto/Web3 users. After creating the strategy, we moved quickly, with only 2 months to market before launching in September 2022.

The Outcome

The result of the strategy we'd worked on? An absolutely incredible campaign that blew Dancing Seahorse out of the water. In November 2022, Dancing Seahorse become the #1 Music-NFT project on OpenSea, the biggest NFT Marketplace in the world.

Dancing Seahorse - The #1 Trending Music NFT In November 2022


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